When locating your animals, keeping track of pig movements is essential. Registering the animals in the right pen carefully creates possibilities: track feed intake like you never did before, register group treatments and transports more easily, and know exactly how many animals there are on your farm. 

Move a single pig or multiple pigs to the pen you want to move them to. Select the destination pen and scan the pigs you want to move to the pen. 

To guarantee the traceability of pigs and to change ownership, it is important to put the pigs on transport. Because of the individuality of the system, each pig needs to be scanned to change owners. When the pigs go to the slaughterhouse, they also need to be put on transport to sign out the pigs in your own barn.

Receive transports from a multiplier or a nursery farm. Know exactly how many pigs there will be arriving and place them in the right pen.