Registrations of feed, weights and other data is getting more and more important in pig industry. Our app facilitates that. 

Weighing pigs is possible via different routes. Perform action -> weigh pigs facilitates weighing of individual pigs. Connect with a Bluetooth scale (only if connectable with LeeO) or add the weights of the pigs manually.

Feed registration in the app is currently mostly focused on research. There are three options in feed registration: balance, add manually, or show feed plans. 

  • Balance: select the feeder you want to balance, weigh the feeder - including the feed - and balance it to a new weight. 
  • Add manually: select your preferred feeding method - feeding bag or bucket - weigh an empty bag or bucket
  • Show feed plans: shows all feed plans you created in the Portal. Check how much feed there is still to give that day. 

Are you planning on using the feed registration for research? Please contact your FarmCoach!

Register the fat thickness of a pig. You can register one measurement on each side of the pig (left and right). 

Register the neutering of pigs per individual animal, multiple animals, pens, rooms or groups of pigs.

Add notes on pens, rooms or pigs. This note will be added to the pig or pen. When exporting sow cards, the note added to a sow will also be printed on the sow card.

Register a gilt in heat. Follow their development and keep track if their cycle is regular. At the first heat registration, you will have the option to mark the pig as a breeding pig.