To perform actions regarding health, there are different options. 

Registering a disease gives insight into the illnesses occurring on your farm. Only report the disease, or start treatment by following the treatment plan you have added to your account. When you treat according to your treatment plan, actions will be shown on your work lists on the day you need to treat the animal.

Register a disease on one or multiple pigs, optional: start treatment immediately.

Register a single medication without adding a disease in 'administer single medication'.

Register precautionary treatments like deworming and vaccinations in 'precautionary treatment'. When you plan the precautionary treatments periodically, they will appear on the work list.

Report a single or multiple pigs dead in 'report death'.

Group treatments: registering a treatment on a group level is possible in multiple ways. Register a disease on multiple animals and start the treatment, or register a single medication to one or more animals in a pen/group/room. In the video, we show you the single administration on a pen. Click here to see the video.