LeeO continuously releases new versions of the app with bug fixes, new features, and solutions for problems. To be able to use these solutions, it is mandatory to update the LeeO app. 

In the PlayStore, you can choose to update the apps on your phone or tablet manually, or change the settings so your phone will update all apps automatically when a new version of an app is available. 

To prevent working on old versions, which can contain problems that are already fixed in a new version of the app, you can change the settings in your PlayStore account. 

Here is how:

1. Go to the PlayStore.

2. In the search area of the screen, you find a circle with your initial in it. Click on that circle. 

3. Go to settings

4. Select network preferences 

5. Select auto-update apps 

6. Select     

  • Over Wi-Fi only -> this means that your apps only will be updated when you are connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Over any network -> this means that your apps will be automatically updated, even when you are on 4G or any other network. This may have data charges as a consequence. 
    • We normally advise to select the first option: over Wi-Fi only.

Your apps will now be automatically updated, and you will be on the newest version of the LeeO app at any time (when frequently connected with Wi-Fi).